Collectible card game
Argy Bargy Generals


Can you imagine what happens if you collect acorns, floats and candles together in a single place? Do you think this is absurd? Nonsense? Not in Argy Bargy Generals. Argy Bargy Generalsis a collectible card game in which you’ll lead crews of funny creatures into the battle. At the beginning of the game, in the current version, you will lead a small team of comic, but very bold acorns, who decided to take revenge on their enemies who tried to destroy them. Create a unique, powerful deck and take your place in the history of Argy Bargy Generals by crushing everyone and everything in your path. Take part in rating battles for the title of the best of the best! Complete daily individual tasks and receive additional rewards and bonuses for completing them. Enjoy the drive, dynamics, and sparkling humor in the humorous game Argy Bargy Generals. Having a lot of fun is guaranteed!