2D Platformer
Cairo Stark: Crocs Hunter


Cairo Stark: Crocs Hunter is a game full of incredible adventures with bright three-dimensional characters and a mysterious colorful world. You will discover an exciting new universe with many secret levels and interesting quests. Stop the invading race of Crocosaurs and the giant bosses of Rakshasa with the magic of the Genie and the full arsenal of the protagonist's abilities. Our hero, Cairo, is a treasure and artifact hunter. He possesses outstanding intelligence, dexterity, and wit. Altruistic, adventurous (incorrigibly so), brave, charismatic, moderately brash, direct and cheerful. Cairo, the protagonist, will fight defending our planet from space aliens on 25 levels. A huge world map will not let you get bored: you will travel from the desert to the dead city, where many surprises and mysterious dungeons of alien civilizations full of traps await you. From the slums to the luxurious Sultan's Palace, and finally from the spaceport straight to the home planet of the invading Crocosaurs and new mysterious worlds to save the universe. From whom? That you'll find out by going all the way to the end of the game! Find all Crocosaurs levels and fight Rakshas bosses created using alien technologies. Use magic and skills to win. Each Crocosaur is unique in its own way, each requires a different approach. Use different tactics to defeat your enemies. Minion - is a representative of the technical class of the Crocosaur race, office engineer, has flexible logic and high productivity, compact and cautious. Tank - is one of the most powerful Crocs, representative of the combat class, has an impressive stature, indestructible armor, but is slow and clumsy. Pilot - is a representative of the intelligence class, highly effective, with advanced communication skills, adaptability and quick situation analysis, powerful body, daring character, live aggression. Sniper - is a member of the elite warrior class of the Crocosaurus race, secretive, inaccessible and independent, her charm conceals her deadly power, has the "Most Dangerous Enemy"  level. Can turn invisible. Be careful - don't miss her! All this and more awaits you in our game full of incredible adventures Cairo Stark: Crocs Hunter.