Lullabies for Babies


Lullabies for Babies App is a free offline application which helps your baby to fall asleep faster. The app contains the most popular lullabies and nursery rhymes selection: Brahms Lullaby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rock a bye baby, Baa baa black sheep, Hush little baby, Mozart's classical lullabies for brain development. Why to download our free Lullabies for Babies app: – High quality sound and 100% FREE Lullabies – The application can run offline – Timer function (select a lullaby, set the timer, after a present time lullaby turn off itself) – Easy to use interface – Night mode (light ON/OFF) – Beautiful graphics – Absolutely relaxing music Why lullabies are great for babies: Lullaby music benefits child development in a variety of ways. Playing soft lullabies with baby relaxing music at bedtime promotes comfort, quality sleep and brain development. Put Lullabies with soft Classical Music on at a low volume overnight or during naps to provide your youngster with all the benefits music has to offer your sleeping baby. Mozart Music for Babies: Playing soft music of Mozart for Babies as a background music before bed or during naps improves sleep duration and quality. Baby Mozart calms the nervous system and support healthy brain functioning. Lullabies can help babies and toddlers feel safe, relaxed and calm, while music during naps can help energy levels decrease and encourage the body to prepare for sleep naturally. Lullabies playlist: – Rock a bye baby – Brahms Lullaby – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Hush little baby – Are you sleeping – Baa baa black sheep – Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major – Mozart - Clarinet Concerto In A Major K 622 Adagio – Bye Baby Bunting – Golden Slumbers