WN Conference Moscow ’21
Moscow 2021 October 13-14 We attended the White Nights conference, which took place in Moscow from 13 to 14 October. As at DevGAMM, we presented two projects: a collectible card game Argy Bargy Craft and Grandmother's Tale, a 2D Adventure. This time, four members of our team took part in the event. We approached the organization no less seriously than the previous time, but we were less worried. The impressions from the festival are positive, but in fairness, we have to admit that White Nights is hard to compare with DevGAMM. The guests, of course, showed interest in our projects, we met new people, colleagues, talked with publishers and generally spent time with positive emotions, but, unfortunately, there were very, very few guests at the festival itself, and because of this our photo report is more than modest in comparison with the previous one.