Argy Bargy

"Argy Bargy" ain't just a DApp; it's changing the game, literally, mixing it up with some augmented reality (AR) flair.


The "Argy Bargy" world is like the ultimate gaming mash-up:
from good ol' PVP and PVE showdowns to thrilling quests, match-3 brain teasers, and full-blown AR adventures.

Built on that rad Web 3.0 tech and rocking those Solana smart contracts, this app turns every step you take into an epic journey. Dive in and experience the digital revolution!

Your NFT buddies, or as we like to call 'em, Articrafts,
will go head-to-head, hit the digital trail, crack those puzzles,
and take a deep dive into Augmented Reality hunting for some shiny loot.

More about project:

Game and app development